Imagination's garden

Between Nantes and Ancenis, on the territory of Cellier, you may see, towering over the Loire river from a nearby rocky hill, the impressive walls of the “Folies Siffait”. (= Siffrait’s Extravaganza)
Named after its creator, this unique garden is an extravagant labyrinth of terraces, strange man-made elements that emerge out of bushy vegetation. Everything looks strange and mysterious.
Neglected for 150 years, this garden clings along the cliff, and falls cascading on an amphitheater composed of terraces. Stairs that open on nothing, a window that is an optical illusion, and closer to the top a pavilion with a triangular pediment and a door that is not what it seems. All your landmarks vanish.
You may wonder about this entanglement of vegetal and mineral elements. If you want to understand what this place is about, you have to juggle with reality and myth. All legends jostle to tell the story of this place.