U.A.S. (Used As Shelter)

Roaming around small Breton territories, my eyes were regularly caught by very small shelters, numerous but all different, spread throughout the countryside. Standing on the side of roads or country lanes, in villages, they are meant to protect their temporary inhabitants from wind and unpredictable weather.
This is why I decided to start a set of photographs about those tiny spots, these huts, shacks, shelters, refuges, cabins and other unusual sheds, more or less integrated in the environment. Neutrally made of glass in cities, these shelters take on a much more basic aspect in the countryside, where they are mainly made of wood or metal sheets. There they are mostly used in the morning by pupils or secondary school students who wait for the buses that will take them to school. Some of them are sometimes disused and deserted, neglected and even derelict, due to the lack of commuters and maintenance.
Sometime situated in awkward places, those shelters then may be diverted from their original use for new purpose.