S.T.A.R. Underground (work in progress)

(Work in progress) This series is the result of wandering curiously about the different stations, quays and stairwayss of Rennes ‘s single underground line, which goes from La Poterie (in the South-East of Rennes) to JF Kennedy (North-West of Rennes). All newly built infrastructures, strongly functionalist and impersonal. Approaching those urban spaces like theater sets and passing over their purpose, I create a whole world in black and white, sleek and glazed, on the verge of fiction.
I examine my perception of those public spaces and focus on architectural aspects -identifying shapes, carrying across the impression of weight or scale, or the aspects of materials and colours-. A passionate and solitary observer, I strive to seize the essence of each place and bring out or enhance its geometry and esthetics.